2 Minute Haet, Vol. 2 "Wack Sabbath"

by Haetor



"The Adult Swim Of Metal!" - Anonynous Fan

"It sounds like Mr. Bungle had sex with Anal Cunt" -Jarcodes.com

"It sounds like you walked into an insane asylum in the middle of a riot' - Jarcodes.com

The '2 Minute Haet' series was enacted to utterly obliterate the notion of modern song structure or "form." These songs are intentionally designed to fit into the "ringtone length" attention span theater that is unanimously called "life."
This 14th album(?) came leaking out of the faucet while we weren't paying close enough attention. The mold spread and blackened, forming a kind of mould... That we could fill with belligerent nonsensical bursts of spastic energy emanating from the cracks in our tone floor.
Enjoy WACK SABBATH in its entirety (after all, it is shorter than the average radio hit by over minute...) or don't. But if you can't finish it in one listen , then you have a serious problem and should probably consult a therapist...

Fuck Off & Die! XOXOX - The Idiot Logick Compound


released November 12, 2013

Walthar Von Gravitas - Screams, Strings & Machines
Danthrax - Bloody Teeth



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