Genocide Note

by Haetor



The 12th and final HAETOR album/diatribe before the end of the world, was released at dusk 12-21-12, a mere 20 hours after 'Reign in Drugs.' It was either the last album of our career, or the first chapter in a whole new book "Grindcore for The Not So Desolate Remains in this Post-Noplocolyptic Wasteland?"

A concept album to back up a concept album? All in the same day? What a concept?
GENOCIDE NOTE deals directly with failed doomsday devices. Furthermore it deals also with our inability to recognize that such a thing is so far beyond our literal comprehension, that we just jump into the next End Of Days prophecy instead of realizing that maybe we are wasting valuable time thinking about the terribly fantastic and ultimately unknowable...

So, since we vermin, or humans, are not extinct (yet)...

What's next for Haetor? you may now be asking yourself many things, such as:
They wrote 12 albums in 12 months during 2012, W.T.Fuck!?
Why don't they write a series of albums, inspired by a book, specifically designed for our non-existent attention spans?
Why don't they write a single song that is longer than any 2 of their complete albums combined?
Why don't they broadcast their sonic misanthropy directly into my brain using ELF frequencies and my Bluetooth device?
How about a new religion already? I mean, come on...

Fuck Off & Die! XOXOXOX - The Idiot Logick Compound


released December 22, 2012

Walthar Von Gravitas - Strings, Machines & Mouth
Dannihilatrix - H-Bombs & Unwashed Thongs



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